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Want to do it yourself, but need some help?

We know this stuff and are glad to share, through individual coaching and consulting and via group seminars, classes and workshops.

Hire us to provide coaching and classes to help you get the most out of your efforts. Some of the areas covered are below. If you don't see it, just ask.

Contact us today via email or at 412.760.2299.

• Marketing with video
• Video storytelling for nonprofits
• Selling benefits
• How to tell a story: the classic approach
• How to write powerful dialogue
• How to create suspense
• How branded online content works
• How to plan an effective video shoot
• How to set up a shot
• How to create a :30 teaser / trailer
• Making a corporate address video interesting
• How to get good sound
• Working with talent / directing actors
• How to use B-roll stills and video
• How to get and use music - legally
• How to post your video on online platforms
• Optimizing your video
• Incorporating video into your website


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