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We can help you make more vibrant,
engaging and effective video content

We’re experienced storytellers with years of experience. We know how to engage audiences and deliver messages, and we’re glad to share our knowledge to help you make the most of your video marketing program.

To help you, we offer consulting, seminars and workshops. Our areas of deep experience are listed at left.

Select one or several and let’s schedule something!

Contact us today via email or at 412.760.2299.



• Creating a video marketing program
• Telling a story
• Writing an effective script
• How storyboarding works
• Planning and producing brand-centric content
• Preparing for a video shoot
• Tactics for making your videos “cinematic”
• Different lenses and how to use them
• Lighting a scene
• How to shoot and edit a promotional teaser / trailer
• Creating a great sizzle reel for your company
• Making an interesting corporate address video
• Ways to get great sound
• Working with talent / directing actors
• How to use B-roll stills and video
• How to get and use music - legally
• How to post your video on online platforms
• Optimizing your video
• Incorporating video into your website


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